Welcome to GMD Studios

We’re a 20-year-old innovation lab. We help companies, organizations, and storytellers meet new challenges through the power of experience design. We’d love to connect with you.


home-innovation We help clients harness innovation in meaningful ways – discovering new insights, meeting new challenges and building new capabilities. We enhance existing teams as they workshop solutions, research trends, adapt to audience feedback, and integrate production teams.
home-connect We love collaborations: it’s how we move mountains. We’d love to connect with you if you think there’s something we could help you with, a way for you to help us, or some new challenge we might tackle together.
home-philosophy The more we let people inside our lab, the more interesting friends, collaborators and clients we meet. Our journal of experiments, insights and ongoing debates is meant to do just that – let you inside to glimpse how experience design can shape the way you approach business and storytelling challenges.